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SUPA RARE is an independent designer brand founded by Young Song in 2022. SUPA RARE operates at the intersection of art and functionality to create a dreamy universe of richly colored furniture and useful daily objects. The objects are created with a high personality, functional and aesthetic solutions that enhance spaces and offer to the client infinite personalization choices. Influenced by childhood memories and iconic cartoons such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Toy Story series. The collection of objects creates a conceptual universe of dreams, fantasy and irony. In this particular universe, each object has its own character, either elegant, dull, naughty, or emotional. The personality of each object makes him/her a super rare individual, and those individuals gather together to form a story, a fictional story in real interior spaces.

About Young Song Design Studio

Young holds Master’s Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, and Bachelor's degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts, China. Young is also a perennial winner of many global design competition. His awards winning designs include electronic products, luxury products, conceptual transportation design, as well as his independent furniture works. He used to exhibit designs in the 2014 London Design Festival, 2011 Beijing CAFA "Design for Sitting" exhibition, and 2008 China Cultural and Creative Expo.


Young has been engaged in design industry for 14 years, with dozens of commercial design projects and academical / experimental design works. His touch expands beyond industrial products, home furnishing, luxury goods to toys. Committed to better combining commercial design, artistic passion and independent brand, Young Song design studio was established in 2021. The studio’s main purpose is to think between disciplines, create fancy objects and spaces. The studio is looking forward to collaborate with any client with needs of product design, furniture design as well as packaging design.

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